Best Back Shaver 2021 – Back Hair Removal Reviews

As a man, you already know that your hair tends to grow everywhere on your body. You grow hair in all of the wrong places, including the pits, in the ears, and on your back. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to shave the back without a little assistance. Asking your girlfriend or spouse to shave your back is not always fun. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

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By investing in a back razor, you’ll have little to no trouble getting rid of that unwanted hair in a matter of minutes. Below, you’ll find tips that can help you pinpoint the best mens back shavers for your money. Like TrimShaver said; “Excessive back hair can be a serious problem if not taken care of immediately”.

Top 9 Best Hair Back Shaver For Men 2021 Reviews

#1 MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Shaver



Are you tired of asking your significant other, friend, or family member to shave your back? If so, it may be time to consider investing in the MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver. The shaver is designed to provide hair-free, baby smooth skin in minutes. The extended arm is long enough to reach the length of your back to ensure full coverage with ease.

Fold-Up Design

The fold-up design allows you to store the shaver in your grooming bag. To ensure the perfect fit, the MANGROOMER Shaver offers a fully extendable and adjustable handle. When you make the correct adjustment, the handle will lock into place. This will allow you to fully shave your back without making another adjustment unless you feel the need to do so.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design is perfect for older gentlemen who want to shave their back without assistance. With the lightweight MANGROOMER Shaver, you will be able to shave your back without experiencing fatigue.


  • Lightweight design
  • Suitable for males and females
  • Provides baby smooth, hair-free skin in minutes
  • Does not require shaving cream or water
  • Large 1.5” self-sharpening blade
  • Includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Replacement blades are available


  • Takes a bit of practice to achieve perfection
  • Head could be wider to reduce shave time

Overall Assessment

The MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Shaver is ideal for men, women, and teenagers. The shaver is extremely easy to control and its lightweight design will ensure a pain-free shave.

#2 BaKblade 1.0 Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver



Unwanted back hair is something that a lot of men have to deal with on a weekly or even a daily basis. Trying to shave your back with a razor can be almost impossible. This is not to even mention the painful pulling and tugging of hair.

With that being said, if you are currently dealing with back hair and want an easy and affordable solution to your problem, you should consider investing in the BaKblade 1.0 Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver. With the 60-day money-back guarantee you basically get to try this product before you fully invest in it.

Equipped With An Extra Long Handle

One of the most amazing things about this back shaver is without a doubt the long handle. Thanks to the long handle you can easily reach those hard-to-reach spots that you normally have to get your wife to shave. Not only this, but the long handle gives you enough leverage to apply the pressure that you need to achieve a close shave.

Affordable Replacement Blades

As a man, you probably already know that replacement blades for razors aren’t cheap. However, that isn’t the case with this back shaver. In fact, you will find that replacement blades for this shaver are without a doubt some of the most affordable on the market. When you combine this with the fact that this shaver doesn’t require any batteries, you will truly save yourself a ton of money and time. No more expensive visits to the beauty salon.


  • Does not require expensive batteries
  • Replacement blades are extremely affordable
  • The long handle provides leverage and access to hard-to-reach spots


Back hair must be fairly short, as shaver gets tangled in longer hair

Overall Assessment

Unwanted back hair is something that a lot of men have to deal with. However, thanks to the BaKblade 1.0 Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver removing that back hair has never been easier.

#3 MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Shaver Review



The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is ideal for boys and men who desire hair-free, baby smooth skin. The shaver is designed to offer a pain-free shave every single time. With its lightweight design, you will be able to shave your entire back area without experiencing any discomfort. Reach the length of your back without needing assistance with the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro.

Two Shaving Heads

The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Shaver comes with two interchangeable attachment shaving heads. The extra-wide 1.8” blade will not only cover a wider shaving area but also speed up your shaving process. The shaver comes with two shaving heads and both include shock absorber flex necks, which will follow the contours of your back to ensure a thorough shave.

Ergonomic Designed Handle

The lightweight design and ergonomic handle ensure a pain-free shave, even if it takes you a little longer to complete the task. These features make the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Shaver perfect for individuals with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and weakness. Shave your back with ease and never need to ask for assistance with this shaver.


  • Extra quick charge time
  • Full battery and charging indicator lights
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Lightweight, cordless design
  • Fully locking handle
  • Fold-up design for easy storage
  • Does not require water or shaving cream
  • Includes a cleaning brush, user manual and two interchangeable blades


  • Takes a bit of practice to achieve perfection
  • Takes up to 24 hours for the battery to charge fully the first time

Overall Assessment 

The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver comes with everything you need to start shaving right out of the box. It will take a bit of practice to achieve perfection, but the rewards are endless.

#4 MANGROOMER Professional Do-it-yourself

MANGROOMER Professional


Are you constantly finding yourself battling back and chest hair on a weekly or daily basis? If so, you already know that the whole situation can be painful, time-consuming, and frustrating all at the same time. Well, if this sounds like your life, you need to consider investing in the MANGROOMER Electric Back Hair Shaver. With the professionally designed, adjustable handle you can always rest assured that you will easily be able to reach every spot on your body. Never ask your wife or girlfriend to groom you again with this product.

Rechargeable Battery

Don’t you just hate it when your battery dies on you right in the middle of shaving? Thanks to the quick-charging battery technology that comes along with this battery, you can receive optimum power in just a matter of a few minutes of charge time. This will not only save you a lot of time, but it will save you some hassle in the long run.

100% Non-Slip Rubberized Handle

As mentioned above this razor does come equipped with an adjustable and lockable handle. However, thanks to the non-slip rubberized handle, you never have to worry about losing control or dropping the razor while trying to reach troublesome spots. The rubberized handle gives users complete control and maneuverability.


  • Maintain complete control and full maneuverability with the non-slip handle
  • Rechargeable battery offers users a quick charge option for quick, powerful cutting
  • The adjustable and lockable handle allows users to access those troublesome spots
  • Includes a variety of accessories


  • Might be louder than expected

Overall Assessment

If you are constantly battling body hair, you can make that a thing of the past with the MANGROOMER Electric Back Hair Shaver. With the adjustable and lockable handle, there won’t be a spot on your body that you can’t reach.

#5 BRO Shaver Review

BRO shaver


The BRO Shaver Shaver is ideal for individuals living on a budget. The shaver is similar to a traditional face shaver but only includes an extended handle. To ensure a painless shave, the shaver includes stainless steel blades that work with both shaving cream and water. The extended handle is grooved to provide full control and a super-easy shave every time.

Money-Back Guarantee

The 60-day money-back guarantee will give you peace of mind, in knowing you are protected from financial loss. If at any time from the initial purchase date and up to 60 days, you can request a full refund without any questions. Just contact Bro Shaver’s superb customer service to request your refund before the 60-day guarantee expires.

Double Edge Safety Blades

The Bro Shaver comes with 15 stainless steel double edge blades. These blades are guaranteed to not irritate the skin and reduce the risks of accidental nicks. They can also be utilized with or without shaving cream or water. When you compare Bro Shaver’s double edge blades with other brands, you will immediately notice the price difference.


  • Suitable for wet and dry shaving
  • Offers a cost-effective shave
  • Includes 15 sterile, stainless steel blades
  • 5” shaving area
  • Grooved 22” handle for full control
  • Hanger hole for easy storage
  • Replacement blades are affordable


  • Would be better if the handle was adjustable and extendable
  • A fold-up design would be nice

Overall Assessment

While the BRO Back Hair Shaver does take a bit of practice and patience, the end results are remarkable. For the price of the shaver and replacement blades, this brand cannot be beaten. Just like with traditional shavers, nicks are to be expected so use caution when shaving for the first few times.

#6 NewLifeStore DIY Back Shaver



The NewLifeStore DIY Shaver just happens to be one of the most affordable back shavers on the market. Therefore, if you’re working on a limited budget, you should definitely consider investing in this razor. Of course, you should not be fooled by its inexpensive price. Despite the low cost, it can get the job done right on the first try! It is comfortable to use and it will not tug or pull on the hairs. Plus, the 20-inch handle ensures you’ll be able to reach all areas of your back with little to no trouble.

Freely Adjustable

In order to reach all areas of the back, you need to be able to adjust the length of the razor on the fly. With this shaver, you’ll be able to do just that. This razor can be adjusted from 19.5-inches to 14.2-inches. No matter what, you can rest assured knowing that this razor will be able to reach those stubborn areas!

Totally Safe

Shaving your back can be much more difficult than you could ever imagine. You need to be extra careful to ensure you do not cut yourself. This will not be a problem with the NewLifeStore DIY Back Shaver. The shaver is equipped with safe blades to greatly reduce the risk of cutting. No matter how quick you shave, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to avoid nicks and cuts.


  • Safe blades decrease the risks of cuts
  • Length is totally adjustable
  • Very easy to use
  • Can reach all areas of the back
  • Blade is over 4” wide
  • Features an anti-slip grip


  • Blade might be a little too sharp
  • Some users may experience nicks

Overall Assessment

As long as you use the NewLifeStore DIY Back Shaver extremely carefully, you’ll probably love it. However, some people will experience nicks and cuts. If you’re a careful and meticulous groomer, this will be a good back shaver for you.




How would you like to acquire a good back shaver for a bargain? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out the ARSVITA Back Hair Shaver. This product is completely manual, so it’ll save you money. At the same time, it still works exceptionally well. This shaver is capable of reaching the entire back with little to no trouble. The extendable handle will make your life easier while ensuring you do not leave any unwanted hair behind. The razor itself is 4.3 inches wide. That guarantees that you’ll be able to get rid of the unwanted hair much faster. Additional details can be found below.


Believe it or not, the ARSVITA Back Hair Razor is one of the most versatile shavers on the market. This product is capable of shaving the user’s back or face. Plus, it can be used wet or dry. Whether you’re in the shower or standing in front of the mirror, you’ll be able to use this razor. With this shaver, you will have plenty of options to play around with.

Get The Job Done Quicker

This back-hair shaver allows you to get the job done quicker than ever before. With the extra-wide blade and the long handle, you’ll be able to remove that unwanted back hair in a matter of minutes. On top of that, you’ll be able to get the job done without asking for help from a friend or family member.


  • Very easy to use
  • Blades last a long time
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Wide blade makes shaving easier
  • Long handle ensures you can reach your entire back
  • Very affordable


  • Difficult to find new blades
  • Blades could be a little sharper

Overall Assessment

The ARSVITA Back Hair Shaver is great for the price. It does have a few flaws, but they’re minor. It will get the job done without any unnecessary pain or discomfort.

#8 Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 BG2040

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 BG2040


There is no doubt that Norelco is one of the leading brands in razors and shavers. The company makes many excellent products, but the Bodygroom BG2040 is likely the company’s best back shaver. This specific shaver delivers plenty of power and enough battery life to get the job done on the first attempt. Just remember that the shaver must be charged for 24 hours before it is first used. It is equipped with a 3D pivoting head to ensure it can fluidly roll across your back and get all of those unwanted hairs. Continue below to learn more about this particular shaver.

Longevity And Warranty

The Philips Norelco BG2040 Shaver is truly designed for simplicity and longevity. This razor is capable of lasting a lifetime. Plus, the battery life is pretty impressive. There is a good chance that you’ll be able to shave your face and body, without needing to recharge. More importantly, you can guarantee that this razor will be well worth your money. It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and it is protected by a 2-year warranty. This combination ensures that the razor is well worth the investment!


  • Protected by a 2-year warranty
  • Totally cordless
  • 3D pivoting head delivers a close shave with little irritation
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • The battery delivers 50 minutes of use on an hour charge
  • Comfortable to use


  • Difficult to reach the back
  • The battery will lose its longevity over time

Overall Assessment

Despite a few minor flaws, the Philips Norelco BG2040 Bodygroom Shaver is pretty amazing. It works exceptionally well and won’t break the bank. For the price, you need to check it out for yourself right now!

What To Consider When Searching for the Best Back Shaver for Men


There are tons of back shavers on the market and they’re all unique in one way or another. Therefore, you will need to carefully consider your options, before making your final decision. Use the tips below to ensure you get the best product for your money.

  • Power Options

First and foremost, you should consider your power options. Does the shaver use batteries? Or does it connect to a power outlet? Either option is great, but you’ll need to take precautions with both. If you choose a battery-powered shaver, you’ll need to make sure that the batteries last for a sufficient period of time. If you opt for the corded model, you’ll need to make sure that the cord is long enough to provide you with plenty of freedom.

  • Warranty

Most men’s back shavers are fairly affordable, but there are some that are expensive. To ensure you get the most out of your money, you’ll want to make sure that your shaver is protected by a warranty. The warranty can really make a world of difference in the future. If anything goes wrong, you’ll want to make sure that you do not need to purchase a replacement. Instead, opt for a longer warranty. Spending more for a longer warranty is definitely a good idea.

  • Ergonomic Design

You’ll want to make sure that you’re able to use the shaver comfortable for a reasonable period of time. This is why you should invest in a shaver that is equipped with an ergonomic handle. With an ergonomic handle, the shaver will rest in your hand comfortably at all times. This will ensure that you’re able to use it for a long period of time without any discomfort. It is also a good idea to choose a shaver that is totally lightweight. The combination will make the shaver comfortable and easy to use.

  • Locks In Numerous Place

It is also a good idea to choose a shaver that is capable of locking in at numerous angles. Some shavers are capable of opening at 135 degrees to ensure you’re able to reach all areas of your back. Make sure that the locking mechanism works exceptionally well. It should lock in place securely and should not come loose, until you’re ready for it to do so.

  • Blade Durability

The shaver is only going to last as long as the blades. Therefore, it is vital to choose blades that are totally durable. Make sure that your blades will be able to last a lifetime. It is a good idea to choose blades that are self-sharpening. You should also consider choosing a shaver with interchangeable blades. This will give you the ability to swap out old blades for new ones and this will extend the longevity of your razor!

  • Compact

You should also do your best to choose a razor that folds back down. It is always a good idea to choose a back hair shaver that is long enough to reach the lowest areas of your back. However, you should also make sure that the shaver will condense down, so it can be stored away pretty easily. If the shaver is too big, you’ll never be able to fit it in your drawer. Then, it’ll become a hindrance and pretty much unusable. Make sure it can fold down to a smaller size, so you’ll have no trouble storing it away.