How to Get Rid of Back Hair and Stop it from Growing

Many people in our societies find back hairs unappealing and, in fact, weird. This may not be as a result of not expecting hair to grow on one’s back, but rather an expectation that no one should keep it. By virtue of the normal functioning of the human hormones, hair is expected, in most cases, to grow on expected areas like the face and body, including the back.

Some hormones in the human body called ‘Androgens’ are said to be responsible for the growth of hair on different parts of the body. These Androgens are said to be so much powerful that they influence the hair follicles and cause them to bring forth hair.

get rid of back hair

Hence, places where hair grow in the adult human body are known to be the places where androgens are most sensitive. Depending on differences from human to human, one’s back could also be androgen-sensitive, consequent upon which hairs would be expected to grow there.

A major reason why many people tend to grow hairs on their backs than others is genetics. Just like other traits that can be passed from parents to offspring such as facial looks, behaviors, and etc. the possession or otherwise of back hairs is, yet, another trait that can be passed from parents to offspring.

So, against the fallacious thinking of some people who tend to find it abnormal, back hairs are just one of the features of the normal human being. Some scholars have, in fact, argued that it is a feature that was more prevalent in the earlier humans, proving that it has always been one of the apparent features of man right from time.

However, the contemporary human society has, from a rather aesthetic perspective, have stigmatized the feature forcing many into the constant need to get rid of it once. In subsequent paragraphs, we shall be suggesting effective ways to get rid of back hairs.

Waxing (At Home)

Rather than heading to a salon or requiring the aid of a professional in the process of which one would be spending some money, waxing at home proves to be a very smart alternative. All that would be needed for doing this are a waxing kit and a willing partner who should (preferably) be a little bit experienced, for better results. This method is most common among married couples for a number of reasons.

For a non-professional, a lot of patience and carefulness is required to avoid injuries and more intense pain than normal. With practice and the required meticulousness, there is the tendency for one to master this art. Anyone who would opt for this option should, however, expect that it is quite painful.

Application of Hair Removal Creams

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward means of getting rid of hair on ones back. Foremost of its numerous advantages is that it is one of the very ready means of getting rid of your back hair without help from another person. Another very exciting advantage that it offers is the fact that it saves much time. Just as it is usually expected of most people to apply body cream every time after bath, the hair removal creams can be applied to the body at required intervals. Upon application, one can go about her business and expect the desired results. While it is a fact that this method can be practiced by one’s self, getting help from someone else when applying could help achieve much better results.

Body removal creams come in different brands, prices and different levels of potency. It is apt that one seeks the advice of those who are familiar with it’s use to help in choosing just the right brand. Alternatively, one could carry out some research on the internet to ascertain which product is most reliable


This can be done with the help of Tweezers. Tweezers are only appropriate in cases where there are fewer back hairs than normal. They best deal with a few conspicuous annoying back hairs. Applying other means, as waxing or body hair removal creams, to cases like this may just be ridiculous, hence Tweezers come in handy, helping to pull off the stubborn hairs once and for all. The tweezing method would require the help of a partner who is expected to be gentle with the process to avoid severe pains. If you have much back hairs, other means of getting rid of them are advised but not tweezers.

Electric Back Hair Shavers


One of the most straight forward, fastest and easiest methods of getting rid of back hairs is the use of the Electric Back Hair Shavers. These instruments are designed to deal with hair while maintaining a level of gentleness on the skin. A major advantage of the use of this tool is that one can be able to shave off one’s back hair without help from any partner.

This method is usually most preferable to manual shavers because, not only is it more gentle on the skin, it is much more effective. The electric back hair shavers come in different sizes and in different brands. They are also quite affordable.

Laser Hair Removal

This is also another automatic tool designed for the removal of hair from the body. However, unlike the Electric back hair shavers, the laser hair removal tool makes use of lasers. Through the use of its laser, the tool shines some passes some light energy into the hair follicles, thereby destroying the hair and tends to delay future hair growth.

Although it is possible to practice the laser hair removal method by one’s self, it is however advised, for safety reasons, to seek the services of professionals. A disadvantage of the laser hair removal method is that it works effectively for black hairs alone. People with fair hairs may have to opt for other alternatives. However, a major advantage is its tendency to completely annihilate the possibility of future hair growth, when used from time to time, consecutively.

Electrolysis for Hair Removal

This method helps in the removal of hairs from the face or body, permanently. It is carried out by professionals who use the electrolysis devices to destroy the growth center of the hair with chemicals or heat energy. As a result of the highly developed process involved, there have been fears that the method may lead to some serious side effects in future.

These fears have been recently dismissed by the research results that prove that there are no permanent side effect that could be caused by the process, except for the temporal reddening of the skin.

The points to consider, when opting for the Electrolysis method, it is highly expensive, as it costs thousands of dollars to carry out. Also, worthy of consideration is the fact that it leads to permanent removal of the hair.

Some other effective means include: the manual razor method, professional waxing, Threading, etc.

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