How Can I Remove Hair Permanently

Hair is beautiful to have in the right parts of the body and in the appropriate quantities. However, on the wrong parts of the bodies, they could appear a little creepy, weird or even disgusting. Nevertheless, how we see and value hair on our bodies depend on our sense of beauty or societal exposure.

Some ladies for instance would admire men with beards or/and hairy chests while some others would find them scary, creepy or disgusting. Similarly, some men have expressed their love for a hairy female body, while some others find it a complete “turn off”. It is as a result of our different values, senses and perceptions, depending on the society we come from that cause us to either desire or detest body hairs or where they grow on our bodies.

While some of us may choose to keep and cultivate our body hairs for aesthetic reasons, some others may be desperately looking for means of completely removing and inhibiting the possibilities of their hair growth. Bearing in mind that the use of shavers, tweezers, waxing equipment etc. will only offer a temporary solution, there has been a growing demand for tools that could help produce lasting solutions.

Removing one’s hair permanently could be a costly decision to make. Yet, for persons who have resolved within themselves that it is the best decision to take, the immediate challenge usually lie in finding the most effective means of attaining this end without ending up with serious side effects. Our aim in this article is to, therefore, examine the most effective methods of removing body hairs permanently.

Laser Hair Removal

How to Remove Hair Permanently

This has to do with the use of laser hair removal machines to remove one’s hair consistently for some period of time. The laser hair removal machine is quite a recent innovation in the world of cosmetic hair removal. The machine works by concentrating a beam of light on the pigments with the aim of damaging the follicles, by such, removing hairs, and retarding future hair growth.

The Laser Hair removal method, when carried out consecutively, has been said to be able to permanently prevent the growth of future hair. Usually, it is expected that a six to seven consecutive usage of the machine should produce the expected result of permanent hair removal. This system is also preferred for how less painful it is when compared to other methods like tweezing, shaving, and etc.

It is expected that the laser hair removal be carried out by professionals. A thorough session of body hair removal has been estimated to be close to one thousand dollars ($1,000). Some other setbacks of this method include its tendency to cause scars, burns, blisters on one’s skin, as well its tendency to cause skin infections. These may not always be a source of worry as they are usually temporal.

Application of Depilatory Creams

The use of Depilatory creams is another very vital method of getting rid of hair from one’s body. It is also a highly patronized method owing to its relatively smaller expenses. These creams work by impeding the normal functioning of the hair follicles, thereby, inhibiting the tendency of hairs to grow in specific parts of the body.

The effect of what Depilatory creams do is the dissolving of the hair just below the surfaces of the skin. This is unlike the shaving method which slices the hair above the surface of the skin. The hair removal creams can be classified based on their differences by brand, potency and how they are to be applied.

It is best that one seeks the counsel of his dermatologist before purchasing any. Some of the advantages of this method are its cost effectiveness, the needlessness of a professional and its painlessness, etc. The major side effect of this method is its ability to cause skin infection.


Electrolysis has been defined as the method of removing hairs from the face or body by destroying the possibility of hair growth with chemical or heat energy. Although, this method may be quite similar to the laser hair removal method, it is much more intense.

By fewer processes of electrolysis, one should be rest assured that hairs will never grow on the spots where it has been carried out. Most areas of the body like the eyebrows, face, abdomen, thighs, breast, etc. can be treated by electrolysis.

Since a number of factors affect hair growth, coupled with the fact that androgen sensitivities differ from one person to another, the amount of Electrolysis session that will be required for total removal of hairs could vary from person to person. In the average, a three to four electrolysis session should be effective enough.

The electrolysis method has been rumored to cause a lot of pain, but Electrologists (electrolysis professionals) have dismissed this with the assertion that with most people, it is doesn’t and shouldn’t cause much pain. A prominent advantage of this method is its potency. With one or just a few sessions, body hair could be permanently removed.

The side effect here has been said to be relatively less, compared to its counter parts. Its major side effects include the temporary reddening and irritation of the skin. Another major fact to consider before going for electrolysis is the price.

Each electrolysis session has been said to cost around three thousand dollars ($3,000). Also, it should be noted that except one is sure that he or she wants to permanently get rid of his hairs, the electrolysis shouldn’t be an option.

Going for a permanent means of getting rid of body hair may not and shouldn’t be for everybody since we may be wired differently in our values and aesthetic perceptions of body hair. As a result, rather than totally and permanently getting rid of one’s body hair, a temporal alternative could be just appropriate, sometimes.

To temporarily get rid of body hairs, there are required tools too: The electric back hair shaver comes in handy here due to its beautiful design to help one assess every part of his body hair, including his back. Also, tweezers could also help in pulling out hairs when they are relatively smaller, then, the conventional manual shaver, which, with the help of a partner, is usually, a readily available means.

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